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HOA Syndrome

About Dr. Solomon

Dr. Gary Solomon, aka The Movie Doctor®, was the first to write on the topic of using movies as therapy. He coined the term ‘Cinematherapy®’. His first book, The Motion Picture Prescription: watch this movie and call me in the morning, was written as a therapeutic tool for therapists to use for treating patients, clients and groups. It was soon discovered that patients and clients found benefit for their own personal use.

He has lectured all over the world on the topic of Cinematherapy®. Dr. Solomon has been on national television and worldwide radio.

He currently teaches psychology at the College of Southern Nevada in Henderson, Nevada. He was nominated ‘Professor of the Year’ in 2009.

He is the author of a number of books on diversified topics.  Please click on the Books ticket to the right to find out more about Dr. Solomon’s other publications.

Dr. Solomon lives in Henderson, Nevada where he has resided for over 12 years.

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Articles Written by Dr. Solomon

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Book Reviews

The Recovery Exchange, Review of The Motion Picture Prescription: Watch This Movie and Call Me in the Morning, Reviewed by Marvin Phillips.